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KartonWagen - magazine of models.
News magazine

KartonWagen - paper models:
№1 Panzer-1 Germany (Pz-I)
№2 Panzer-5 Germany (Pantera)
№3 GAZ-66 USSR (Shishyga)
№4 Sd.Kfz-302,303,304...
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KartonWagen3D - 3D models:
№1 Cipe and Dale

Idea of magazine and the reason of its creation, association in one scale and colouring of all of updating of paper model.

1. Scale of all models 1/60 for pattern format А4.
2. Instructions are not applied, assemblage of models the simple. All connections are numbered, places of bends are shown.
3. Pattern of format А4, fields at the press equal 0.

Communication with the developer: - Журнал бумажных моделей танков и другой БТТ

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